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President Trump officially creates the Office of the Former President.  🙏❤🇺🇲

Why aren't our legislators outraged over the violence against innocent people in the name of politics? But as soon as people take the fight where the fight belongs -where laws are made- then they're ready to cry 'bloody murder'. Those lawmakers were never in any danger, in my opinion, those people were just protesting and trying to take a stand. They didn't express their outrage by attacking random people on the street, looting and destroying businesses. They took their fight to where the decisions come from. People had to suffer all summer long at the hands of people outraged by the system. They were even incited by some democrat leaders. 

They can become outraged but we can't. Our rights don't matter; only theirs. 

It's all over the tv in liberal-controlled areas -lies about Trump and his supporters. People have been mind manipulated. 

I see signs of totalitarianism. 

I wonder what the outcome was in the Cannon Hinnant case. Nobody is reporting on it. The person who shot him is in custody, but what is he charged with? That appeared to be a hate crime too.