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The Thailander... there can be only one!

Married, christian, conservative, metalhead, disabled retired Navy veteran, USS America (CV-66), blue lives matter, I stand for our flag, build the wall, KAG, Trump 2020.vpdicz3jmwkhjz94c2d4bpsf5amhzfck.jpg


  • I live in Colorado. I watch commercials daily of Republican Corey Gardner getting lambasted. He has too much class to respond.

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    • Class is not the absence of a response.  Class is the content of the response.  He should call it domestic terrorism and ask for the cops to arrest and the local DA to prosecute.

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      So let me get this straight. A spy blows the whistle on the President for blowing the whistle on Biden.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=213&dpx=1&t=1571203180

      • Yup

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        • Unfortunately the only part of the conservative ethos practiced (badly) by the GOP members of Congress seems to be a version of the "Golden Rule" & a lack of will to call a snake a snake. That & a total lack of interest in confronting hyperbolic bull crap. They seem to think if they "try to manage things in a bi-partisan manner" they'll keep their jobs & be respected as serious statesmen, which is the point of at least 90% of their efforts. They have no idea what a real statesman is.

          Neither party gives a tinkers' damn about the people that keep sending them there. They just don't want to lose their sinecure that continues to make them wealthy. As it feeds their lust for power & sense of superiority.

          Hypocrites, liars, spineless, double dealing, untrustworthy scum. On both sides of the aisle.

          Other than that they're damned near perfect. Most wouldn't make a scab on a Rhino's rectum. They're more akin to:


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          • Vote! But don't trust the polls. Remember Hillary was going to be president? We see how that turned out. :)

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            Just watched the Western Journals stream of Steve Bannons Trump@War movie. If you're in the know theres nothing new but it's informative if you don't follow his accomplishments & rely on msm for news, the main jist is all his accomplishments will be for naught if we don't back him up in november.

            Vote red this november.

            Happy constitution day!dwztues5smqhbhhespq5xcabknzqu2zp.jpg

            I apologize to everyone who sent friend requests to me, I forgot I had signed up for this site & only just today noticed this on my phone. Thanks for your patience & God bless. 😁 

            • Welcome back 😀 

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              • Nice to see you here. Don't be shy with posting. 

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