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My name is Chris and my Twitter handle is @MagaChatter. I have proudly created MagaChatter on my own time and money for other conservatives to have an alternate place where their voices can be heard without being attacked or silenced! I hope you enjoy the site.

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I like that you have this site. Are you accepting donations for it? If so, I want to send a small contribution.

Looks like Twitter messed with the wrong person.
Trump signs social media executive order that calls for removal of liability protections over 'censoring'

Installed my new flagpole today.  Flying my flag quite nicely. 😍

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      Hello. I am very new an tired of the shadowban from the other guys. May this platform please take off! Β 

        • Welcome aboard! Glad to have you. MagaChatter is fairly new itself but I think it has potential to grow no doubt. Feel free to spread the word 😁

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          Wishing everyone has a great day and hope to see you in the Chat-A-Thon 😁