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Strong Christian, strong conservative, strong woman!

My friends. I am still figuring out Magachatter. I like the platform and look forward to it’s growth, but I am still on the learning curve with it. I ask patience.Β 

    • Patience granted! I'm still working on making the site as easy to navigate and use as possible 😁

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      Why isn’t the FLOTUS club supporting Melania Trump? This chaps my rear end so badly.Β 

      I am so sick of Democrats, the Left, Democratic Socialists or whatever they are calling themselves these days. The hatred for our country, our Constitution, our flag, God, and every decent thing this country is about stirs my pot so much it’s about to boil over.Β 

        • I think it's possible we may have misconstrued their "hatred." I don't think they've actually devoted the energy hatred would require. Their only focus has been attaining power and self aggrandizement. The hatred will come later if we are ignorant enough to allow them back in control.

          Everything all socialists in human history have striven for is, to them, for the "Good of ALL people." As long as they are on top and have contro,l they'll convince themselves of the purity of their motives. Socialism has never worked anywhere, never will work anywhere, and is the most easily corruptible form of government next to democracy.Β 

          With humans in charge anyway. If everyone "owns" everything then nobody owns anything. SO whoever controls all means of production, all the decision making infrastructure, is the only true "owner" so shut up and soldier. People are too fallible and to easily corruptible.

          At it's base, socialism is an extension of the "Divine Right of Kings" sold as "Collectivism." The leader is a monarch in all senses of the word, just not called that.

          Sorry to be so long winded and boring but this may be one of my "hot button" issues.

          Have a Blessed day everyone. I bid you peace.

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            Thursday is going to be quite interesting.Β 

              • Yes it is. Hopefully, Grassley and the Republicans show some backbone and call for a vote.Β 

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                • They really don't have a choice now. They can keep kissing democrat ass or they can remember the people can primary their careers into obscurity.

                  We need to keep control of Congress so we can do just that next election. I know who I'll be targeting for 'voter enforced term limits.' Does anyone else?

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