Well fellow patriots...Trump started the fight...shed light on the corruption and the corrupted...he was only one man against an evil massive den of vipers. It's now up to us to carry the torch of liberty!! Do we allow Trump's work and torture to fall or do we show him our appreciation for his sacrifice and save our country...This is our country...with laws...with freedoms...

We need organization...we need to give as we have gotten the last 5 years (without the violence). 

Make the corrupt media report large and small peaceful protest!!! Make them hear us!!!

Ride our elected officials asses... don't let up. I don't believe in the calling and emails...they are ignored... I've only gotten answering machines. Go to their work bldgs... peacefully!!!

Take back the schools...we must take back the schools!!! Minds are the most impressionable in the young. 

Protect the elderly from the wicked who prey on them.

I am changing from Republican to independent. Put some scare into the GOP when they think they are losing their base.

  • There will never be any peaceful protests, perhaps you didn't see what happened in WDC on Jan 6th~ But if you think they'll ever allow US to have any peaceful protest you're delusional~

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    • Well it's the constitution, the law and anything but peaceful further hurts the cause. So all the numbnuts hotheads out there it will not help!

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