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My name is Chris and my Twitter handle is @MagaChatter. I have proudly created MagaChatter on my own time and money for other conservatives to have an alternate place where their voices can be heard without being attacked or silenced! I hope you enjoy the site.

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AdminChris added a discussion

After reviewing the site and seeing what features are used the most by members, I have made multiple changes to the website:

  • Consolidated navigation into a single menu (click/tap your name/avatar - top right) that give you everything you need. 
  • Removed the content/feed from duplicated areas to reduce clutter
  • Remove Chat and Polls from MagaChatter. These features were rarely used
  • Rearranged pages to make the site more function and meaning for each page. 

With these changes, I hope to still give MagaChatter great features and at the same time, keeping it simple and user friendly. 

Lets talk about the changes so you know how/where to navigate. Clicking your Name/Avatar in the top right of the site will now bring up the new consolidated menu that looks like this

The homepage will now be the main place to post content. You can get to the homepage by clicking the MagaChatter logo at top or Home from the menu. You now have the ability to post an Update to the timeline OR you can create a new Discussion all from right there. 

Click on 'What's happening..' and you will see it expand so that you can post now. Of course clicking Discussion opens a new topic area.

I hope this will help keep things simpler, more user friendly, but still keep some great features. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback you'd like to share. 

AdminChris added a discussion

With the most recent event in El Paso, TX, I figured I would just go ahead and get this off my chest now. Why is it that every time you hear of a mass shooting, you always hear the words "Mental Health Issues" in the same story or chatter from others? We need to focus more on mental health, we have a mental illness issue that needs to be addressed, etc. I am by no means saying there aren't mental health/illness issues that need to be addressed but, is it really the cause for every mass shooting event? Most seem to think so. Personally, I do not think so and here is why: Would someone who has been truly diagnosed with a mental condition create manifestos to "brag" about what they were planning to do, would they go through all the steps of premeditation, dry runs, social media posts, telling others??? Does that really sound like someone who actually has a mental illness? But yet, there are so many that do these exact things. 

It is my opinion that blaming mental health/illness in events such as this is nothing more than attempting to provide a 'reason' and/or to give 'closure' as to why someone would commit such a crime. I mean come on, anybody that would go into a school, shopping mall, theater, or any other public place and shoot/kill as many innocent people as they can HAS to be off in the head right? Well, maybe not! This is nothing more than a way to try and plead your way out of a horrific crime you committed to try and lesser your punishment, that is if you make it out alive. As an example, how many mass murders have you seen who have went to court and plead "temporarily insanity" knowing damn good and well what they were doing? Almost all of them right? Why not spend the rest of your life in a hospital getting a life of luxury, a bed, 3 meals a day, than get the death penalty and go straight to death row right?

Here is where we might agree on something though. I DO believe we have an issue in today's society when it comes to pharmaceuticals. It seems now-a-days all you have to do is go into a doctors office, tell them how you feel, and BAM, you got yourself a prescription to fix all your problems. You can take your child to the doctor, tell them they will not do their homework or focus in the classroom and WHAM, you just got yourself some Adderall to solve all your problems. But wait, did you know the Adderall side effects that could include 

  • Easily Angered Or Annoyed
  • False Sense Of Well-Being
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Altered Mental Status
  • Mood Changes
  • Depression
  • Having Thoughts Of Suicide

This is just a few of the side effects and just 1 very common drug given out like a PEZ dispenser. . But yet, we wonder why our youth today is so "out of control". In today's generation, it is so much easier for the parents to provide alternatives to their own responsibilities as a parent. They won't behave, give them medicine. They won't do good in school, give them medicine. Just keep feeding them drugs long enough to where parents don't have to be parents at all. We have all seen it. I will prove it to you. The next time you go out to eat, take a look around you and see just how many families have resorted to paying more attention to electronics instead of with their own family right in front of them. If you are one of them, shame on you! Put your damn electronics away and have some quality family time. Parents today would much rather shut their children up with electronics than to take the responsibilities required for raising a child. It is no wonder that the youth today rely more on their social family versus their real family. Hence in the social environment, this is also where the youth today "feel" more loved, influenced, happy...but unfortunately also, where they are most bullied, depressed, and suicidal. That quality family time I mentioned may just end up giving your child love, hope, happiness.....Life. 

Then there is Gun Control:

This has to be the biggest hoax of all. This is nothing more that an infringement of our 2nd amendment. There is not 1 single proposal (or all of them combined) that would EVER stop a mass shooting from occurring. Nothing! Nada! Have you ever heard of anyone who was pushing for Gun Control say "If we put these measures in place, it will stop the shootings".....Yeah, I haven't either. It's because it wont. PERIOD. I can debunk this whole theory with just 1 of the mass shooting event that actually took place and that is, Sandy Hook (there are others). With Sandy Hook, we know that the young shooter, who I am not mentioning, stole the guns from his mother who legally purchased them, to not only kill her FIRST but also the children of Sandy Hook. So please enlighten me here, in what way would any of the proposed "gun control" laws would have prevented this one? What if the shooter bought the firearm from someone privately? My point is, there is no law or background check that will EVER stop a person who is determined to commit a crime such as this. CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW! Criminals do not care if the break 1 law or 1,000 laws. Oh yeah, those scary black guns.. the AR-15.. Ya know the one they say belongs in the Military but yet, has never been in the battleground before.. The ones that are preferred for "mass shootings" and are not the ones to blame..Handguns kill more than that scary AR rifle. And for the anti-gun idiots, AR stands for Armalite Rifle.. Not Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifles.. So is it really about saving lives or is it about banning this scary black rifle? 

But Chris, what can we do to help prevent Mass Shootings:

This is the easier question to answer. First you need to put yourself in the mind of the shooter, kind of like an FBI Profiler. In the 90's Bill Clinton introduced laws surrounding Gun Free zones that prohibit firearms in specific public places. When it comes to mass shootings, the shooter's agenda is normally to create as much havoc/injury/death as possible. Have you ever heard of a mass shooting a a police station? Of course not. You wouldn't accomplish anything there except causing your own death. That is why over 96% of mass shootings occur in Gun Free zones. In order for these criminals to achieve their "goal", they need to go somewhere where people are not expected to fight back or resist. Like shooting fish in a barrel. 

So here are some of my thoughts that can be done:

  1. Repeal the Gun Free zone laws and allow the citizens to legally defend themselves since no one else is doing it. Note: In most states, signs prohibiting the carrying of firearms do not hold any legal weight in a court of law. 
  2. Provide proper and adequate armed security/police in Gun Free zones that would provide safety for all people within the facility.  
  3. If security measures are not met within these gun free zones, they shall be held accountable for any/all repercussions that may occur from an event that causes injury/death to those who were in attendance of the facility. 

You can expand background checks all you want but, there is no background check that will tell you what a person may do in 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years down the road. 

So I will say this one more time.. Gun Control is a LIE!! There is no law, no background check, or no ban that will EVER stop a person from committing a crime they are determined to commit. PERIOD!

  • People are uncomfortable saying that the man was evil, so they  have to come up with  an explanation that shifts the blame away.  "He was evil" lays the blame on his lap.  "He was sick" moves the blame away and says it wasn't his fault.  That way everyone can feel better.  Except for the families of the victims.

    America doesnot teach morals and values anymore, so we must find a new culprit.  So instead of looking hard at what our Liberal Society has produced, we shift the blame so that NO ONE is accountable.

    He was evil and he did an evil thing. And he must be punished for it, no matter how many tears are shed for him.

    • So the moron in Dayton didn't even buy his weapons or tactical gear. A marijuana, acid dropping mushroom eating friend of his purchased the equipment after lying on the application. This friend is in Fed custody on charges that could cost him up to 15 yrs. Quite frankly I view him just as guilty. He stated that the shooter had been planning this for weeks. 10 weeks before the shooting he got the rifle and they assembled it in the friends apt. 8 weeks before the friend purchased the 100 round double drum magazine.

      I didn't find this  link on fb. I had to send to fb in order to copy link.  It isn't the 1st one I read (I don't know Vice) but it's close to the one I read, same info.

      Hello. I am very new an tired of the shadowban from the other guys. May this platform please take off!  

      • Welcome aboard! Glad to have you. MagaChatter is fairly new itself but I think it has potential to grow no doubt. Feel free to spread the word 😁

        Wishing everyone has a great day and hope to see you in the Chat-A-Thon 😁 

        MagaChatter TIP: If you want to open a post from the feed into a 'full window', you can click the date or timestamp of the post and it will open up for you. This will also allow you to copy/paste post links to websites other than FB and Twitter.

        MagaChatters, I have been a busy bee here today and at work. Made some changes here and I know but, It's better to do them now then later. Plus I am trying to determine what is 'useful' and what isn't so.. I removed the ShoutBox since it is mostly the same thing as the Chat but just not monitored. I have replaced that with 'Discussions' that's now available from the menu. Discussions is a 'forum based' area that allows members to easily communicate in a topic of interest. These can become lengthy at times and having an area specifically for this is much better than keeping up on the Timeline. This is NOT to be a replacement of the Timeline. We love posts to the timeline so keep on posting 😊 . Remember, the idea behind MagaChatter is to give members optional ways to communicate and come together. This may or may not stay depending on your feedback so please let me know. 

        I have updated MagaChatter to be secure throughout the whole site instead of just the Chat and Messenger. You will now notice the https:// in the web address along with Secure icon. And by law 'technically', I have to tell you the site uses cookies so, you will see a banner popup at the bottom letting you know. You can click Got It! to make it go away. At least this way, maybe Twitter will stop flagging my site. Maybe not. LOL

        MagaChatters, as the site continues to grow, going forward it will now require that you confirm your email address to help prevent the spammers/trolls. If for any reason you didn't receive the email, please click the link to resend it (check spam/etc). If you still do not receive it, please message me and I will take care of it personally. All existing members have been automatically confirmed. 

        Welcome MagaChatters! I strive very hard to make sure that you have a great website to voice your conservative views without the risk of being attacked or silenced. I want to make a great alternative website that will ensure you have a pleasant and user-friendly experience. With that said, it is important to me to hear your feedback, feature/design requests, and any other suggestion you may have.

        This website is based upon user content and more importantly, user interaction with other members. I would greatly appreciate if everyone continues to Tweet out to their followers and invite them to join us. A personal tweet from you would be best solution however, you can just retweet my pinned post on my Twitter profile @Zarcon72 . if you haven't already

        We have multiple ways of communicating (in real-time too) with others here at the website. I do have the ability to add other features, such as the Polls I just added, as well as a 'Forums' area if requested. What I do not want to do is make the site too 'overwhelming' or confusing for our members. If you could comment any feedback, I would greatly appreciate it! 

        • Yeah. I can't share from here nor can I type the URL. I posted a tweet about this as well. I have no idea what is going on. 


          Wow. Not sure if it's due to the reteets but Twitter won't allow me to share content from MagaChatter or even type in the URL to it. Says it 'looks' automated. Try again later. So I guess it's a bot/spam now. I don't know whether to be impressed or pissed. hahah

        • My URL is getting flagged as 'Suspicious' for some reason. I guess for now we could put a 'space' in the URL such as www. magachatter .com so it doesn't actually link. I guess I need to contact Twitter Support and find out what's going on. 

          Just in case you didn't know... I and this site supports the 2nd amendment also.  #2A  

          Hey Everyone! I am going out to dinner soon. If you can, please try to help anyone if they have any questions. You can also use the support channel in the Chatroom if you want. I will check back later to see how everything is going. HAVE FUN!! Thank you all for joining!

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