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Just a regular person who happens to be riding on the Trump Train. 😊 

Yankees beat Boston 10 t0 1!! I know this made Trump happy and it sure made me happy! :)) Have a great night everyone.

Hi everyone. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of your great memes to share. :))

Β I just found out how to post! lol Oh well, better late than never. I guess. :)

    • If you tap/ click the meme,Β  it opens in a new window and can see the whole thing there 😁

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      • I see it! That’s great

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        Hey Trump 2020, I saw a comment from you on another post saying you were trying to figure out how to post. Click the blue menu icon on the top left and then choose Post. You can post top the feed from there. Hope that helps.

        Reposted AggieDad(Veteran)'s post.

        Thought this was interesting. Β He posted about 3 pages of names on his twitter feed.


          • I saved them all lol! 650 names. Won't be long before Twitter freaks out and they'll be gone...

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