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I devote what little time i have to combating hypocrisy and stupidity.


Support our president 

Support our veterans 

Support our law enforcement

Anyone here live or lived in California? I'm so so sorry. If you run into any other these people, sell that rbidge but make sure you offer them a deal on "buy one get the 2nd 3rd of the price). 

If anyone wonders why people voted for Hillary, this video pretty much answers that question for you. STUPIDITY!

 I should add i believe the last two were Republicans! . 

    • I left in 84, couldn't afford it then. 

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      • Been there, many times.

        I'm a glutton for punishment I suppose.

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        Someone please get these two a shovel. Although you may want to include instructions how to use it

          • Losers, they are real losers and making our cause stronger.

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            • Shovel instructions... 😂 😂 😂  Hysterical!

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              Leftists once again turn to violence and acting like children (with cowbells) (no joke). The irony is insane. The conservatives march to protect their Second Amendment gun rights, yet the counter protesters marched (with cowbells) under the protection of The First Amendment.

              To sum it up, the counter protesters wants rights but also want to strip others of theirs. That's the left for you. But they are the first to complain when someone enters "their safe space". 

                • Let them be them because it only proves our point even harder. They will help to re-elect our great president. :)

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                  So they say "America was never great" well i like to remind myself of the greatness of our nation -
                  When man looked to the sky and wondered "will we ever reach the heavens. Two great Americans stepped forward, The Wright brothers. Through their hard work and ingenious creativity, they took us to the skies. When we looked to the moon, science fiction writers took us there in awesome machines, then NASA did in real life.

                  I could go on, America has given so much to the world in all her greatness. This generation doesn't understand it. So with approval by the administrators, i will post short quotes from not only great Americans but also from those lucky enough to know them or serve with/under them.

                  "“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”
                  ― Abraham Lincoln, Great Speeches / Abraham Lincoln: with Historical Notes by John Grafton "


                    • When the pilgrims endured and survived their first winter in the new world, and then formed the greatest nation man has ever known, is my biggest source of inspiration

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                      Turn the clock back...say 50 years ago. I ask you this simple question, if a democrat or republican ushered these words "America was never great" what would be the media and the general public say? This generation of hating of our great nation, they have no idea of hardships. Had any of them lived through rationing or fear of nuclear winter, they would be more understanding of what true privilege is.

                      They think because someone calls them on their bs, they are owed a safe space. They feel being called by "man" or "woman" and not by their own pronouns, that is hardship, that is "nazism".

                      So when i see politicians run down our great nation, it takes me back to what the outcome would have been had this been 1930's or 1960's. These politicians would be hung out to dry.

                      May god forgive them for their evil and hateful intentions for our great nation.   

                        • I absolutely agree TL and btw, I love your posts! It's a sad and scary day when we can care more about a transgender person or a Muslim being in office who do not love this country more than the people who risk their lives daily for their freedom to run! It's all upside down, but that will be changing and WE will be the majority again in common sense, patriotic thinking. I believe. :)

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                          • Thank you, Trump 2020. I also agree with you even further. The public has gone from caring about substance to public image. The boxes to check do not include "patriotic" anymore. Instead of electing politicians based on their character, their policies, their aims and their past, it's now based on ethnic scoring, virtue signalling, and pampering to leftists.

                            When politicians start to put illegal immigrants before Americans, where 1.56 million Americans face hardships daily and many left in destitute, that really scares me. There is nothing racist about putting your fellow brother and sisters before someone who broke our laws to get here. The world is struggling and like a medic, triage comes into play. Americans should be put first, esp when so many have such low income they turn to food stamps.

                            What scares me even more is that if you say anything i just said out in public, they would call me racist, xenophobic and a nazi. I welcome legal immigrants, i truly do. But if some comes here by breaking the law, they are trying to cheat a system and we do not reward cheaters.

                            Sorry for long reply, hope it was not too much of a headache :)


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